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New Year 2019!-new podcast

Posted by Marta Escarcega on February 11, 2019 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

It's a New Year!  Like many others, I often spend some time comtemplating and reflecting on past and new seasons. I'm looking forward to continue many of the new things that started last year. 

One of the things I'd like to start doing is becoming more transparant and blogging. I have a lot of God stories that I've not shared much.I often feet self conscious about my wriring and speaking (I write like I speak, which I know isn't always professional or eloquent). I often feel like I'd be judged by others.

The last year I've been on a journey of spending more time on intentionally changing my mindsets. One thing I'm working on is getting over thinking about what others would think of me and letting go of shame. :) 

So here goes:

One of the projects I've been working on the last year is a podcast. I had some of the recordings done a year ago, but I just couldn't get the technological part of it done. It wasn't 'perfect' and I heard podcasts should be somewhat perfect (profressional), so I delayed the process, because I'm not a technologically inclined nore could I find someone to help me with it. This year I decided, forget perfection it's going out in it's raw form (no editing), or else it will never get done. A friend led me to simplecast and I was able to get it done. 

I decided I wanted to keep the podcasts separate from this website, since it is my personal podcasts.So please check out:" target="_blank">

December 2018

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Rosh Hashana, Feast of Tabernacles, Hannukah have passed and Christmas is a week away. Where has the time gone? On the homefront, we were involved with citywide prayer gatherings, prayer conference calls, eqipping the saints or serving in the community. 

In May, I took a two week ministry trip serving in one of the Houses of Prayer in Jerusalem.It was my fifth trip to Israel.

I took my first trip on a tour in 1979 at the young age of 21. I fell in love with the land and wanted to return. I then discovered Fresno Pacific College had a study abroad program in Jerusalem. Upon my return, I immediately ernolled at FPU for the Jan. 1980 quarter as a Biblical Studies major. :) In August, 1980, I went to study a semester at the Institute of Holy Land Studies (now called Jerusalem University College). The school was located right outsdie Zion gate at the Old City. I felt at home in this new place! It was durign this time I discovered, school was only a means to get to this new home, God had a much bigger plan for my life there. I can't even go into all that God did in my life during this time. I began to learn about prophetic intercession and met others on a similar journey. I begain to prayer walk the land and often went to western wall to pray. My roommate and I also volunteereed at the International Christian Embassy (ICEJ) for their first FOT celebration. ICEJ opened the fall of 1980. When the semeter ended, I returned home to finish my degree. It was a strange feeling sitting at a desk studying the book of Exodus the nex tmonth, when I had been swimming in the Red sea a few weeks before. I graduated in May 1981. 

I returned in August to work as a receptionist the following school year. My roommate from the school were roomates again, this time at an apartment she had gotten. We were a 10 min. walk from the school and Old City. There are way too many God stories that happened that year to write here. It was a joyous and incredible year. It was during this time, I met my husband to be. He was volutneering at ICEJ. We became engaged Nov. 1982. He also was from California! We came home to marry in June 1983 in hopes to return to the land. God had other plans. My soul longed to go back to Jerusalem, my home away from home, but it wasn't to be. I didn't go back until 2005, when on a prayer tour. I tried many times to go back. It has been my desire for many years to take small groups of women on a prayer journey in the land. When the opportunity came up in May to return to the land, I was shocked. I got my ticket five days before I left. Once again, God had a different plan than I expected :) The first day I was walking in Jerusalem, I felt such JOY in my spirit. The Lord, said, he was going to hit the 'reset' button....(more to tell at another time)

Nancy J. took a few weeks to Taiwan training and equipping the saints and she can tell you about that on another blog. 

Spring 2018

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Although it has been a year since I have posted a blog, that doesn't mean we have been quiet. 

Last year was a challenging year. My mom passed and I was finishing a dissertation about the Women of Destiny program. I was very busy with the activities and our businesses. I also made a trip to Italy with my two daughters in June. The day I got home, my mother passed. She was 97 and is now with Jesus. She lived a blessed full life.

The others in the ministry remained involved in activites. Mary, the international missionary returned home in May  and is now working and living in Fresno, CA. 

We are looking forward to all the Lord has for us in 2018. We recently started prayer twice a month in the city and we are hoping to re launch  healing prayer ministry. We are building the team now and looking for the location the Lord would have us. We like to be outside traditional church walls and in the marketplace. As the Fresno chapter of Hollywood prayer network, we continue to pray for the entertainment industry and support the faith based movies (and redcarpet events) that are held in Fresno. We remain involved in prayer conference calls, prayer walking and cooperate citywide gatherings. We enjoy partnering with other ministries and come along side them in a variety of ways. 

As many know, I am a volunteer urban minister and am multi-vocational. I am blessed to do the work I do with HR ministry because of my husband support and our businesses.  I own and operate few social enterprises that have helped fund some of these ministry endeavors. One of these is Escarcege Enterprise which is our hospitality and rental business *see Airbnb website. My husband and I also started another new business-A& M Ranch, where we are raising alpalcas and preparing to build on our 40 acre ranch. We are currently growing oat hay there and raising alpacas at our current home base.I also dream of having  a big white tent for ministry events out there!  Check out our new website (a work in progress), 

We are anticipating a lot of NEW this year and looking forward to experience the goodness of God in new ways!

Hope Reformation vision remains the same, to encourage intimacy with God for transformation in all spheres of influence. It is about transforming lives and transforming communities.

Spring 2017 update

Posted by Marta Escarcega on April 25, 2017 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)


It has been a year since I've posted. WOW! Let me share with you our end of the year donor letter:

We thank you tremendously for partnering with HOPE Reformation. In 2016, Hope Reformation was prayerfully active with God opening several new doors for ministry in both Government and Family spheres of influence.

Reformational missionary, Kim Castro obediently joined two clubs. She consistently brought a prayerful presence to gatherings as well as contributed with ideas, solutions and team building. In the family mountain, she co-founded Saving the Black Family, a grassroots ministry focused on raising awareness of the startling abortion statistics within the African-American people. This ministry team was extremely active within our community, attending over 15 outreaches, hosting a community-wide forum and co-sponsoring a special dinner honoring parents.

Director Marta Escarcega continued to lead the ministry. She also was involved in several local and statewide prayer gatherings. While working on her doctorate dissertation, Marta also taught a Women of Destiny class and mentored future leaders. In our global mission ventures, Mary Escarcega continues to lead teams to Asia and the Pacific from Tauranga, New Zealand with YWAM. This last year over 150 young people were sent from New Zealand across the globe to share the love of Jesus. Through projects like building clean water filters, restoring churches, distributing bibles, and other tasks. Over a thousand people heard the gospel with hundreds responding to make Jesus their Lord and Savior.

More Highlights:

• Polish and Pray team ministered at over 15 community events.

• HOPE team prayed at Martin Luther King Jr. community-wide breakfast, Bringing Broken Neighborhood Back to Life events.

• Other volunteers continued to minister to the homeless. We will continue to faithfully obey the Lord and take the Kingdom of God into the seven spheres of influence.


We are already into Spring 2017! In February, I walked several miles on a prayer assignment for six days covering all of Los Angeles County. It was an awesome time. I also was able to join the HIM southern Calif. womens leaders luncheon. It was great to meet and connect with other HIM leaders. I appreciate being a part of the HIM apostolic ministry. If you want to know more about what an apostolic center is, check out their website, (www.harvestim. org). 

We will continue to serve in our community with Polish and Pray. 

Mary will be finishing her YWAM assignment and coming home in May.We will see what the Lord has for her next. 


Fly with the Eagles

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House of Prayer

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Everytime I visit a House of Prayer (HOP) (the kind that is open 24/7 or all day, with two hour worship or intecessory sets), I wonder if a HOP would or could be supported in Fresno. I love coming to PIHOP (Pasadena Int't House of Prayer) when I'm in the area. I come and sit, rest, worship, sometimes write (like I am now) or read. It is just a great atmosphere of rest to be in. I think they might be popular if we called them 'Meditation Centers". There are several HOP's in the state and country. They are different, not like traditional churches which are usually only open for Sunday or Wed. night services or other weekly ministry. Anyone can walk in and just sit, pray, and worship. I realize we can do this at home, but there is something different about going to a place set apart for the very purpose of restoring the spirit of Tabnernacle of David (Amos 9:11). I also like many are not tied to 'one church' or denomination. I know some churches have their own worship nights, but what I envison is different, much like this one in Pasadena. 

I've been asking this questions for about eight years. Would the Body of Christ support a HOP in Fresno? I know there are so many awesome ministries in town that area supported and doing great things. I have this sense, though, people want to see 'good works' done, serving the poor, etc, etc, which are all great, but supporting a HOP -well that is just too strange. I'm not saying it is the only or Best wineskin, but it definatley is a different one. The one I envision in Fresno, would have worship and intercessory teams from all over the city, volunteer two hour sets. The building and admin. cost would be covered by many in the city.

I'll be honest, I've given up on this vision the last few years. I just haven't met many I know in the city who desire such a place or willing to support it. So for now, I will try to stay content with the many prayer pillars we do have around Fresno (don't get me wrong, those are great). I will put this dream on the shelf. 

Trailblazers, Pioneers, and Settlers

Posted by Marta Escarcega on November 9, 2015 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I once heard a teacher give a message on stages of church planting and growth. After hearing it, I began to understand my gifting a little more. I am a trailblazer and pioneer. I've come alongside other pioneers (church plants) and started educational programs, non profits and social enterpises.

First, there are the trailblazers. They are the ones who not only have the vision to go somewhere, but they are willing to go through the rough times of trailblazing-knocking down the thorn bushes and blazing a new trail where no one has gone before.

Right behind or alongside the trailblazers are the pioneers. They are willing to bring the working tools to help build. Although some of the pioneers will stay to settle, many of them will leave to start new works. I’ve found pastors get nervous when the pioneers leave; and may ask themselves, did something go wrong?  Pioneers usually like change and often like the challenge of building. Sometimes they are judged by leaders or settlers who wonder what is wrong with them for not ‘staying’ at one place, but it is ok, they know they are called to plow and to plant.

Then there are the settlers. They will come once the buildings and vision have been established. They bring sustainability. 


Language of Media/Communication

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Learning the Language of the 7 Spheres of Influence

Several years ago, I sensed in my spirit the Lord say, I would be learning the language and culture of the seven spheres of influence.  As a wife and mom, and former teacher and principal, I felt I knew a lot about FAMILY and EDUCATION. I learned more about the SPIRITUAL sphere as I led a faith-based non-profit the last several years. I’ve learned a lot about the ENTERTAINMENT arena from my daughter.

I've taken a few media and business classes the last few years. Today I just had an a-ha moment again. As I was somewhat complaining in my mind how it seems I can't get anyone to help me in the communication (marketing) area, and I’ve had to learn marketing software programs, I realized, God is showing me I’m expanding my knowledge of MEDIA/COMMUNICATIONS sphere. Silly me. 

So today I gave myself a high five. This month so far I’ve learned how to use Mailchimp, inputted all the lists, wrote a campaign, and sent it out to a segment. I also learned Canva this week and made two postcards about a few FUNDRAISERS. I have much more I want to do (make and post podcasts and webinars), but for now, I say THANK you, Lord!


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The Jewish New Year has begun, and we are excited about the new season. As we hear about crises all over the world, fires, and drought in CA, a possible economic crash, earthquakes, and turmoil, we know we are called to bring and speak HOPE to those around us. We are not naïve to think, all is perfect around us, but our God is not worried. Every year I try to meet with the Living Wall group, which meets three times a year. I haven’t gone in three years though and I truly missed it. It was such a joy to be back with them last week. On Friday, we spend time checking our hearts to deal with those things that got in the way of moving forward. Sad to say, I had many, heart attitudes, of disappointment and doubt. We went to the Word and read what God had to say about them. I find it ironic, the very ministry I lead to bring HOPE, I was fighting hopelessness. But I was reminded to put my heart and mind back on His truths, and I was encouraged to press forward.

On another note, we as a team are also reevaluating and seeking the Lord for anything new He would like us to do this year and anything to let go of. Here is the latest update:
• One area, I’ve grown and been challenged in is the area of ‘resource development’. You can read my blogs about that under Resource Development. We have so much we’d like to do, but it takes funds to do it.
• We are still on hold with the children’s ministry, until we find more partners who can help us in the weekly outreach. We got the room ready, painted the walls, got material, now just waiting for team members and funds for insurance.
• Prayer continues as we meet at various places where God calls us.
• Polish and Pray is doing GREAT! It’s expanding, and the team is being asked to go to new places.
• I was asked to be part of a team that promotes Faith Based movies in Fresno. It’s been awesome to see the attendance and the red carpet events.
• We are working to expand our evangelistic outreaches, more to tell later.
• We are Praying about bringing back healing prayer and campus ministry. It always depends on if people are committed to help and funding.

• Find interns to help in areas like marketing, media and administration. Find help for accounting/bookkeeping. • Get database for our newsletters/emails • Add photos and podcast to our website • Funds for an office and War Room in Fresno and all God has put on our hearts to do.

We THANK YOU for all your support and prayers. Remember you can give through paypal on our website.


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About five years ago, we started an official Christian club at CSU Fresno called Club Hope. My daughter also started a club Hope at a local public high school. What did we do? We worshipped and prayed on campus in public (in the peace garden) for a few hours every Monday. We prayed for anyone who asked for it. We also coordinated and collaborated with a few other Christian clubs (IV, CRU, ADX,) for a campus awakening night gathering. It was great to see the clubs come together, as ONE. Well, those students have since graduated, and gone on to find jobs. We are hoping to find new young blood to start again. We are also praying a facility will open up for us across campus.

Would you like to be a part of influencing the next generation of emerging leaders? If so, please consider watering (donating) the plants!