Fly with the Eagles

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Language of Media/Communication

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Learning the Language of the 7 Spheres of Influence

Several years ago, I sensed in my spirit the Lord say, I would be learning the language and culture of the seven spheres of influence.  As a wife and mom, and former teacher and principal, I felt I knew a lot about FAMILY and EDUCATION. I learned more about the SPIRITUAL sphere as I led a faith-based non-profit the last several years. I’ve le...

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About five years ago, we started an official Christian club at CSU Fresno called Club Hope. My daughter also started a club Hope at a local public high school. What did we do? We worshipped and prayed on campus in public (in the peace garden) for a few hours every Monday. We prayed for anyone who asked for it. We also coordinated and collaborated with a few other C...

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