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About five years ago, we started an official Christian club at CSU Fresno called Club Hope. My daughter also started a club Hope at a local public high school. What did we do? We worshipped and prayed on campus in public (in the peace garden) for a few hours every Monday. We prayed for anyone who asked for it. We also coordinated and collaborated with a few other C...

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Prayer walking Cities

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When I first started the ministry, the Lord gave me instruction first to prayer walk Fresno. For some strange reason (H.S.) I had this burden for Fresno that I could not shake. I felt God wanted to do something special in the city where I was born and raised. The summer of 2007 I began the walk. I walked over a hundred miles in a year span. I would grab my map, outline a 3-5 mile square block,...

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Polish and Pray

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One of our favorite summer activities, is collaborating with Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life (BBNBTL) community events in Fresno, CA. BBNBTL is a partnership between the Fresno Police Dept. and several nonprofit organizations. Almost every Saturday between ...

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Corporate Prayer

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We believe Prayer is fundamental for effective collaboration and citywide transformation. A few years ago, we held a Sacred Regional Assembly. Christ-followers of all ages and denominations came together for 12 hours to worship and pray. Every two hours we had prayer focused for one of the seven spheres of influence. As you can see from the picture, we had a time of the fathers and mothers blessing the next...

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Social Enterprise blesses children's ministry

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Our desire is to see lives transformed who in turn transform communities. I had another aha moment a year ago while attending another class. For the longest time, I've had a desire to raise support for this ministry and others by having a business to support it. I realized this is what a social enterprise is. Social enterprises are different than regular businesses; they have a social mission in mind. "Their main objective is to make the world a bet...

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Plowing, Planting, and Watering

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Today I had an a-ha moment. For the longest time, I have struggled with fund raising. I often felt like a beggar, and believed if God really called me to this assignment, then it was up to Him to provide. I should not have to ask. However, I've also known, that I probably needed a new perspective.  I know it is not true that I am a beggar, but I needed to get Kingdom perspective. On my drive to to...

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