Prayer walking Cities

Posted by Marta Escarcega on August 11, 2015 at 12:00 AM


When I first started the ministry, the Lord gave me instruction first to prayer walk Fresno. For some strange reason (H.S.) I had this burden for Fresno that I could not shake. I felt God wanted to do something special in the city where I was born and raised. The summer of 2007 I began the walk. I walked over a hundred miles in a year span. I would grab my map, outline a 3-5 mile square block, put on my hat and earplugs and start walking. It was a different type of walk, though. I was not engaged in heavy spiritual warfare binding spirits, but instead I spent time worshipping and speaking blessing over the land. Each area I walked the Holy Spirit would show me how to pray. For example, one day I saw a lot of families out, so I prayed for families. Another day I saw a few people in wheelchairs, so I prayed for the sick. I took pictures while I walked and made it into a photo journal. I later presented it to the city council.


I've prayer walked many cities. I started in Jerusalem in early 1980's. My roommate and I went on different strategic prayer assignments back then. Nowadays, I enjoy taking teams out. There have been times we've jumped in a car and prayed in different cities. We've been to county borders, high places, rivers, and mountains and even tribal reservations. There are evil forces (terrorist) at work wanting to destroy our land, isn't it time we take our stand as watchmen and pray?


This is just one aspect of what it is to be an urban missionary.


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