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Posted by Marta Escarcega on January 12, 2016 at 7:20 PM

Everytime I visit a House of Prayer (HOP) (the kind that is open 24/7 or all day, with two hour worship or intecessory sets), I wonder if a HOP would or could be supported in Fresno. I love coming to PIHOP (Pasadena Int't House of Prayer) when I'm in the area. I come and sit, rest, worship, sometimes write (like I am now) or read. It is just a great atmosphere of rest to be in. I think they might be popular if we called them 'Meditation Centers". There are several HOP's in the state and country. They are different, not like traditional churches which are usually only open for Sunday or Wed. night services or other weekly ministry. Anyone can walk in and just sit, pray, and worship. I realize we can do this at home, but there is something different about going to a place set apart for the very purpose of restoring the spirit of Tabnernacle of David (Amos 9:11). I also like many are not tied to 'one church' or denomination. I know some churches have their own worship nights, but what I envison is different, much like this one in Pasadena. 

I've been asking this questions for about eight years. Would the Body of Christ support a HOP in Fresno? I know there are so many awesome ministries in town that area supported and doing great things. I have this sense, though, people want to see 'good works' done, serving the poor, etc, etc, which are all great, but supporting a HOP -well that is just too strange. I'm not saying it is the only or Best wineskin, but it definatley is a different one. The one I envision in Fresno, would have worship and intercessory teams from all over the city, volunteer two hour sets. The building and admin. cost would be covered by many in the city.

I'll be honest, I've given up on this vision the last few years. I just haven't met many I know in the city who desire such a place or willing to support it. So for now, I will try to stay content with the many prayer pillars we do have around Fresno (don't get me wrong, those are great). I will put this dream on the shelf. 

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