Spring 2017 update

Posted by Marta Escarcega on April 25, 2017 at 10:55 AM


It has been a year since I've posted. WOW! Let me share with you our end of the year donor letter:

We thank you tremendously for partnering with HOPE Reformation. In 2016, Hope Reformation was prayerfully active with God opening several new doors for ministry in both Government and Family spheres of influence.

Reformational missionary, Kim Castro obediently joined two clubs. She consistently brought a prayerful presence to gatherings as well as contributed with ideas, solutions and team building. In the family mountain, she co-founded Saving the Black Family, a grassroots ministry focused on raising awareness of the startling abortion statistics within the African-American people. This ministry team was extremely active within our community, attending over 15 outreaches, hosting a community-wide forum and co-sponsoring a special dinner honoring parents.

Director Marta Escarcega continued to lead the ministry. She also was involved in several local and statewide prayer gatherings. While working on her doctorate dissertation, Marta also taught a Women of Destiny class and mentored future leaders. In our global mission ventures, Mary Escarcega continues to lead teams to Asia and the Pacific from Tauranga, New Zealand with YWAM. This last year over 150 young people were sent from New Zealand across the globe to share the love of Jesus. Through projects like building clean water filters, restoring churches, distributing bibles, and other tasks. Over a thousand people heard the gospel with hundreds responding to make Jesus their Lord and Savior.

More Highlights:

• Polish and Pray team ministered at over 15 community events.

• HOPE team prayed at Martin Luther King Jr. community-wide breakfast, Bringing Broken Neighborhood Back to Life events.

• Other volunteers continued to minister to the homeless. We will continue to faithfully obey the Lord and take the Kingdom of God into the seven spheres of influence.


We are already into Spring 2017! In February, I walked several miles on a prayer assignment for six days covering all of Los Angeles County. It was an awesome time. I also was able to join the HIM southern Calif. womens leaders luncheon. It was great to meet and connect with other HIM leaders. I appreciate being a part of the HIM apostolic ministry. If you want to know more about what an apostolic center is, check out their website, (www.harvestim. org). 

We will continue to serve in our community with Polish and Pray. 

Mary will be finishing her YWAM assignment and coming home in May.We will see what the Lord has for her next. 


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