Our HIStory
Prayer has been a part of my (Marta) life since I was a child growing up in the Catholic faith. My mother was a prayer warrior and often encouraged me to have this ongoing dialog with God. Years later (1980-82), as a young adult, while living on and off in Jerusalem, Israel, I began to learn about prophetic intercession and connected with other intercessors from all over the world.  I called this my 'boot camp' training. My roommate and I were often called to strategic prayer throughout the country, and I didn't live far from the Western Wall where I often went to pray. In 1981, I met Arnold in Israel and we returned to CA to marry in 1983.  

 For many years, I became involved in prayer groups and different ministries. I led women's studies, worked with inner healing ministries, and served on new church councils.  

In 2004, I was ordained and started attending Wagner Leadership Institute where I graduated in 2007 with a Doctor of Ministry.  In 2005, I went back to Israel, on a prayer journey with Eagles Wings Ministry and was commissioned as a "Watchman on the Wall. In 2006, another dream came true, and I visited Intl House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. I went for a retreat with Joseph Company (needing much rest/renewal from my job as a principal), but upon returning I I had a strong desire to start a House of Prayer in my area.Sometimes people say God is sneaky :), Well, He put this desire in my heart to start a House of prayer. 

 In July 2007, I had it on my heart to prayer walk our city. I walked over 100 miles and made a photo journal 'Glory Walk' and later presented it to our city council. LIke Nehemiah, I had it on my heart to rebuild the (spiritual) walls in our city. During that time, I met with other pastors and ministry leaders sharing the vision of House of Prayer Everywhere/Every day (H.O.P.E.). 

Although it was never my dream to start a ministry I felt led to start  7M Worship Intercession Network (7MWIN). We became an official church/ministry in 2007 (501c3 status as well). We were to be a mobile ministry (working outside the traditional church walls). 

Our focus is Intimacy with God/Jesus/HS.. We may do outreach and training, but Intimacy with God is our primary desire, otherwise we could end up just doing 'good works' or form and not have relationship. 
So much has happened since 2007.  We've mobilized 12 hour citywide prayer, healing prayer at a medical office, prayer/worship clubs on university campus,  networked with many other statewide/national/int'l ministries for prayer and outreach, and sent out missionaries (local and international).  We've also taught spiritual growth classes.  In 2014, we changed our name to HOPE REFORMATION. 

 We continue look to Jesus as our leader; Our desire is to bring HIS kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. 

 To HIM be the GLORY!