Our HIStory
Prayer has been a part of my (Marta) life since I was a child growing up in the Catholic faith. My mother was a prayer warrior and often encouraged me to have this ongoing dialog with God. Years later (1980-82), as a young adult, while living on and off in Jerusalem, Israel, I began to learn about prophetic intercession and connected with other intercessors from all over the world.  I called this my 'boot camp' training. My roommate and I were often called to strategic prayer throughout the country, and I didn't live far from the Western Wall where I often went to pray. In 1981, I received my BA from FPU in Biblical/Religious studies. I met Arnold in Israel and we returned to CA to marry in 1983.  
 For many years, I became involved in prayer groups and different ministries. I led women's studies, worked with inner healing ministries and served on new church plant councils.  I received my MA in Education, with an emphasis in language development in 1991 from FPU. I wanted to teach ESL overseas, but the Lord had other plans. My husband and I had four children, and I taught 12 years at Fresno Adult School. 
In 2000, God called me to a new assignment/ministry. I served as an administrator/principal for a K-8 elementary school and K-12 charter school until 2006. I went back to school and got my Administrative Credential in 2002.  In 2004, I was ordained and started attending Wagner Leadership Institute where I graduated in 2007 with a Doctor of Ministry.  In 2005, I went back to Israel, on a prayer journey with Eagles Wings Ministry and was commissioned as a "Watchman on the Wall. In 2006, another dream came true, and I visited Intl House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. I went for a retreat with Joseph Company (needing much rest/renewal from my job as a principal), but upon returning found that God had  planted a new seed in my heart to see Prayer 24/7 in our city. 
 In July 2007, I resigned from the school and  the Lord put it on my heart to prayer walk our city. I walked over 100 miles and made a photo journal 'Glory Walk' and later presented it to our city council. During that time, I met with other pastors and ministry leaders in our city sharing the vision of H.O.P.E. Although it was never my dream to start a ministry I felt led to start  7M Worship Intercession Network (7MWIN). We became an official church in 2007 (501c3 status as well). It was the 'ecclesia' in a different wineskin. Intimacy (with God) and Intercession  is the foundation  of 7MWIN.  Since 2007, we've mobilized 12 hour citywide prayer, healing prayer at a medical office,  prayer/worship clubs on university campus,  networked with many other statewide/national/int'l ministries for prayer and outreach, and sent out missionaries (local and international).   
In 2014, we changed our name to HOPE REFORMATION. 
 We look to Jesus as our leader; our heart is to bring HIS kingdom to earth as it is in heaven and to BE the ekklesia (church).

 To HIM be the GLORY!