A few words given about our region:

July 25, 1998, Bakersfield, CA- Chuck Pierce:..."And I would say to you, I have set the wheels in motion for My destiny across this state. I would say I have chosen eight hubs throughout this state, even this moment. And I would say, from those hubs, there will be sixteen spokes going out of all eight. And I say from each hub, you will mobilize 2000 intercessors within that hub. And I say then each hub will connect, hub upon hub upon hub, for the wheels have been set in motion over this state. ...find your place with these hubs. For pockets of fire will arise in each one of these eight cities and I say to you from that fire in these eight cities this whole state will become ablaze."  (Marta comment: Pray California has established 8 regions where prayer is ongoing. I believe there are many intercessos within these hubs.)

May 2004, Fresno, CA-Rachel Hickson: I see 3 large wheels like cogs of a clock but these wheels turn water. There is one in the North- one in the Central and one in the South. I feel this is the time that the North cog is getting established and positioned. This North cog has 7 teeth, I feel that this represents , key relationships that will come together, but the 7  represents the perfect timing, the completion, the fullness of time ....I feel the cog of the central region is essential for aligning the north and south.The south in many ways already has its cog and teeth coming together but not attached to the north and central but the central cog is key for alignment of the state and to be a bridge, a pivot for turning of the state. The north cog will have strong relationship graced with power, this area will turn the power on in the state, signs, wonders and evangelism.Training centers for harvest. The central cog will have a strong cry of worship, prayer and intimacy mixed with the war cry for deliverance. ...As these 3 cogs come together and work, the north cog will begin to turn the water and this water will cascade from the north to the south and it will effect the northwest, California will lead the way, California will turn, this is the turning time for the state.